Solar Energy Association

Solar Energy Association
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Solar Energy Association -

Solar Energy Association

The UK has a burgeoning solar power industry and there is more than one solar energy association. The Solar Trade Association (STA) covers both solar thermal power and solar photovoltaic power whilst the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) is the solar energy association dedicated to solar photovoltaic (electric) power.

The Solar Trade Association Ltd was founded back in 1978 and provides a focal point for enquiries from the general public, businesses, the building industry and organisations within the solar industry itself. They are also in dialogue with the government. As a solar energy association, the organisationís members are made up of the producers and installers of solar equipment which includes domestic and commercial hot water systems, swimming pool heating systems and solar photovoltaic systems for the generation of electricity. For more information visit their website where you can search a database of their members to find a suitable supplier or installer in your area. Members of this solar energy association must adhere to a code of practice, giving consumers peace of mind should they choose a member of the Solar Trade Association to install a solar power system.

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The British Photovoltaic Association was launched in 2010 as it was felt that there was a need for consumer education and representation with regards to solar PV technology. They aim to increase awareness of solar PV in the UK right up to government level and have members across a wide range of companies and organisations directly involved in or linked to solar PV technology.

In addition to these solar energy associations, the Renewable Energy Association also represents many renewable energy companies, promoting a wide range of renewable energies including solar power.

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