Introduction to UK Energy saving

The UK Energy Saving website is designed to point you in the right direction for advice, tips and product suggestions on being energy efficient in your home and business. Reducing the amount of energy you use is the most effective way to save your household and business money and also combat climate change. By using some of the tips and products highlighted at UK Energy Saving you will help to slow the rate of climate change on our planet, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful gases that enter the atmosphere. Many of the suggestions on UK Energy Saving won't even cost you a penny, so you can start saving straight away with no financial outlay. Other saving measures require more of an investment, but we provide as much information as possible about the potential savings to be made.

Saving Energy

ENERGY WATCH - If you would like to find out more about green companies, check out our Energy Watch page. Each month we will be profiling a different company with some large-scale eco events also covered. Read this month's profile and keep informed about updates via our blog or social networking sites.

Energy efficiency is about thinking how you can go about saving as much energy as possible! This can be through very simple things like turning off the lights when leaving a room and not leaving the TV and video on standby, or by installing insulation and generating your own renewable energy. You can also choose the most efficient products available for your home and business, information on which can be found on the UK Energy Saving site.

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